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We are the all around package when it comes to picking a General Contractor that will work the best for you! Our team of professionals remain dedicated to using the best materials available. to produce long-lasting and affordable services for years to come!


#1 General Contractor in Stoneham, MA.

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Never worry about the delay of your success compared to others, because construction of a palace takes more time than an ordinary building.

— Antonio Ledonne —


Our services are delivered by our team with over 40 years of experience and are passionate about all of your carpentry needs.

Adding more space to your home gives you the room you need without going through the stress of moving into a new house. Room additions are the perfect solution for growing families, couples desiring a second story retreat, or for those looking to attach a new kitchen, home office, or fitness room to their existing floor plan.

Room additions require the expertise of an experienced design and remodeling firm. Contemporary Home Improvements has coined the term “Art of Blend”, which utilizes the latest designs and techniques to ensure that the new addition blends seamlessly into the existing home. Using our special blending techniques, with careful attention to design detail, you can trust our team of professionals to ensure your addition enhances your home for years to come.

The process of constructing a Custom home carries a number of risk elements for all parties. Contemporary Home Improvements’ philosophy is one of partnership and effective communication, which helps minimize the risks involved.

Often times, while building a custom home, there is opportunity and/or need for design changes that conflict with a cost effective construction process. We will work to mitigate cost exposures by offering multiple solutions and clearly relaying any scheduling conflicts. An informed decision typically leads to good decisions.

Ultimately, we take pride in helping our clients make educated and effective decisions while leading them through the decision matrix relative to cost and design options. We realize that every project comes down to the timing, cost and finished product. We stay committed to working closely with our clients, and navigating these fast-paced and time critical environments effectively. Your project will always be supervised, and the lines of communication are always open. The end results and overall satisfaction of our clients have proven that communication is the key element to achieve everyone’s goal. Enough so, that our clients are now coming back to Contemporary Home Improvements for future tasks as well as giving us our best compliment possible, a referral.

At Contemporary Home Improvements, we have built a solid reputation as a leading residential remodeling contractor. We provide our clients with not only a quality product, but a quality experience. From design inception to project implementation, we work side by side with our clients to ensure that all the cornerstones of a great remodel are covered including budget, design, material selection, craftsmanship and scheduling. As a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor with an A+ rating with the BBB, we are your source for all of your remodeling needs.

At Contemporary Home Improvements, each client is assigned a Designer, a Project Manager, and a Site Superintendent. This team works together to help guide our clients through the sometimes hairy process of home remodeling. We work with your municipality to acquire the correct permits and follow all regulatory and building codes. We have a staff of skilled journeyman tradesmen who provide our clients with expert craftsmanship and outstanding relationships with many specialty tradesmen for those out of the box design elements.

If your home lacks a comfortable outdoor seating or entertaining area, building a deck or porch can provide a solution by creating spaces that are easily accessible and can add to the beauty, appeal, and value of your home. Since building a deck or porch requires compliance with local codes, hiring a qualified contractor for your project will ensure it meets specific standards, such as those for structural integration with your house, adequate foundational support, properly built stairs and railings, and rot prevention for wooden structures.

A porch or deck can serve as a convenient extension of your home for dining, entertaining or relaxing with easy access to the interior of your house. These structures offer comfortable outdoor living areas that provide a dedicated space for furnishing and other items, but are steps away from your home’s amenities. Trusting the design and construction of your porch or deck to professionals can ensure that your project is built efficiently with both safety and beauty in mind. Luckily, the team of professionals at Contemporary Home Improvements is here to help!

Window sticking? Chips on its exterior? If so, it is time that you contacted our professionals. At Contemporary Home Improvements, we provide a variety of home window repair and installation services that can get your windows working correctly in no time at all. In cases where the window needs a full replacement, we can work with you to remove your old ones and get the new ones installed correctly and quickly. While we are skilled at performing all necessary repair services, the truth is that repairs will only extend the value of worn down windows for so long. If you are constantly calling to have your windows fixed, it may be time to consider having them replaced entirely. Contact us today for a free in home consultation.

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What our Clients say

  • We wish to express our thank you for the excellent work Antonio, and his crew did on replacing our roof. We were very pleased with the friendliness and politeness of each crew member. We appreciated how clean the teams left the work site not only at the end of the job, but at the end of each day. We particularly want to thank Antonio for keeping a careful eye on the operation from the beginning to the end. It was a pleasure having your company replace out roof.

    — Dave C. —
  • I’ve never remodeled before so I was nervous after all the horror stories I’ve heard – but all that apprehension went away as I realized my money was being well spent and my home was in good hands. I was very thorough and selective about what I wanted, but they took everything in stride and were very professional during the whole process. The result came out better than I anticipated and they even finished earlier than they had originally estimated.

    — Wade S. —
  • I have a building that’s been in our family for almost 65 years. We are unusualy attached and protective of it since my father built it back in the fifties. We are so happy to be working with Antonio and his crew. He is professional, trustworthy and so easy to work with. Without hesitation, he takes care of any headache or problem with a moment’s notice. He has great design ideas and solutions. Well Worth the call!

    — Roger N. —



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